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    Premier Claims Plus reclaimed £6093.23 for three of my LLOYDS PPI claims. The process was very straight forward and hassle free. Thanks again! - John Jeffries


Our average win is £1,750... What are YOU entitled to?

But you don't have to take our word for it.

From The Sun - 27th July 2012:

"If you have, or have had credit it is likely you may have been mis-sold ..."

This is why the banks have set aside, "£13 BILLION to repay the claims."

For example: "Lloyds £3.2 billion … Barclays £1 billion … RBS £850 million … Santander £538 million … HSBC 268 million … and many, many other well-known firms."

YOU really could be entitled to £1,750 (our average win)

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"This one of the biggest financial scandals in the UK history" as documented by the FT, BBC, The Telegraph, Sky News, Guardian and all leading medias.

  • Highest Reclaim - £61,448.82
  • Average Reclaim £1,750
  • Fastest Reclaim – 11 Days

Don't miss this opportunity to get even with banks, financial crooks, and loan sharks.

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What's the catch?

It's true: we make money from successfully winning PPI claims for people like you. However, we charge our 20% fee ONLY IF YOU WIN.

Win 3 (or more) claims and our fee is just 15%.

No win, no fee. We do all the work for you.

And like I said: your call is FREE. No obligation. No salesman will pester you. Ever. That's a promise.

Quite simply, we have 28 friendly PPI claim experts waiting for you to call, or email us. They all speak plain English - no financial lingo.

We are open 7 days a week. Here’s our FREE number once again: 0800 8499 120.

Our office is in 47-49 New Hall Lane (1st Floor), Preston, Lancashire. Not an outsourced impersonal call centre in Mumbai or somewhere else overseas.

All our staff are here under one roof. This is why we can provide such a quick and effective service.

In fact, if you live nearby, we can visit you personally if you like (no charge, of course). However, the fastest way for you to check you win is via phone or email for FREE.

What does “Premier” mean?

Our top win so far: £61,448.82

So Far We Have Successfully Claimed Over £18 MILLION.

Premier Claims Plus has a very high success rate in making PPI claims.

Why so much?

Mr Affezel Adam
"There's no secret really," says Managing Director, Mr Affezel Adam.

"We have simply trained our 28 people to do one thing: win PPI claims for Brits.

“Imagine: all it took from our customer was simple phone call. We did the rest.

“Plus I believe we charge a reasonable fee - and only if you win."

However, our customers are really our best supporters. See why for yourself:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Premier Claims Plus for their fast, efficient and friendly service which they provided in dealing with my several PPI claims to various banks, reclaiming MANY thousands of pounds!!

Money I would never had without the excellence service and first class help of Premier Claims Plus. The process was very easy and stress free.

The hard work and the great communication from Premier Claims Plus during this time was absolutely excellent.

Natalie Upton was excellent in all my dealings with her; she is a credit to your company!

I cannot sing your praises highly enough.

Do not hesitate to quote this in your marketing, as you were a pleasure to deal with in an age when good customer service can be sadly lacking in many organisations, maybe you should offer some training courses!

Once again, thank you very much for all your help.

-Mr Nigel Heaton West Yorkshire January 2012

And read what Mrs Musgrove said:

I just felt it necessary to write to thank you for all your help with my recent claims.

As you will remember the circumstances were quite unusual and I was very reluctant to go ahead.

In a world of call centres and sales e-mail boxes it was so refreshing to be able to contact you direct by phone or e- mail and on each occasion if you were unavailable my calls were returned extremely promptly.

Because of the excellent service you provided I have gone on to not only put another claim in for myself but have also passed your companies details onto numerous colleagues at work.

Thanks again.

-Mrs Musgrove Morpeth July 2012

And listen how Deborah got a whopping £3957.30 instead of a mere £1,000:

Thank you for the service you provided.

I honestly did not think that I would win my case, a few people I spoke to said that Lloyds TSB were hard nuts to crack but Premier Claims Plus won this for me, and the amount, well I only expected to get at least £1000.00 but to get £3957.30 was great.

Thank you again for working so hard on my behalf.

-Miss Deborah Nichol Blyth October 2011

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